(Groupon, LivingSocial, SocialShopper, Teambuy, etc.)

If you have purchased an online voucher from an outside online marketing company (Groupon, Indulge Living, LivingSocial, SocialShopper, etc.) please note that the expiry dates for any expired vouchers have been extended for another year….so if you have any unused expired vouchers bought in previous years that you can redeem them for full value next year.  We are now closed for the season, but our reservation system will be up and running again in April of next year. Note that reservations for April are not required.  You only need to show up with your voucher anytime that we are open to redeem your voucher in April.  Please keep in mind our operating hours so that you get the full time of your rental.

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We also sell vouchers directly to customers.  We call these gift certificates.  Gift Certificates purchased directly from our website do not require a reservation.  Gift certificates never expire and are available for purchase directly from us.They are fully transferable.  Gift Certificates are sold in units of one hour rentals.  For additional time, please purchase additional gift certificates.  Please allow 24 hours for us to provide you with your gift certificate through e-mail.  If you require a gift certificate immediately, please call Damien at (604) 839-3949.

To purchase a Deer Lake Gift Certificate, Please Click 
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To reserve for groups of 10 or more including Birthdays and Corporate Events, click here.


SINGLE BOAT RESERVATIONS (without a voucher)

We currently do not accept reservations for groups of less than 10 people unless you have purchased an online voucher (see above). Individual boats are rented on a first-come, first-served basis, however, our capacity is 150 people at one time so there is usually no wait time to rent any given boat.